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Nile Cruise Felucca in Egypt

About Us

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You may come to us for our prices & programs but you will eturn for the experience!




Dear Sir / Madam,    

First let me thank you for your interest in our company MIN TRAVEL, and extend a warm welcome to our beautiful country Egypt! 

Min is the name of the ancient Paranoiac god of fertility - the meaning of "Min" mirrors our goals to provide unmatched services for our customers. Given the opportunity, we are confident you'll agree we live up to our name "Min Travel".

MIN TRAVEL established in Cairo, the capital and heart of Egypt since 1986, we specialize specialize in internal tours that extend from renowned sites to the most secluded regions of Egypt to the beautiful water in the Red Sea.

The Ministry of Tourism recognizes MIN TRAVEL under License No. 593 - category (A) as a pioneer member of the Tourist Chamber and the Egyptian Association of Tour Operators in Egypt.

MIN TRAVEL services include hotel accommodations, private transportation in Egypt, Egypt land tours, Nile River Cruises, daily Scuba Diving, Liveaboard trips in the Red Sea, licensed Tour guides, domestic flights, as well as other travel services - all of which are of the  highest standards.

MIN TRAVEL have the honor to offer our land & Red Sea programs to you or fully personalize your holiday in Egypt needs hoping to acquire your satisfaction. Our aim is to make it possible for everyone who wishes to visit Egypt to come and make a holiday where you can get acquainted with the various establishments whether ancient or modern.

If you are an international company, we are confident our highly experienced staff combined with our competitive rates and excellent services will inspire your company to continue or start promoting Egypt as an excellent holiday destination.
We thank you for your confidence in the past and look forward to a fruitful cooperation with you. Until then, please accept our warmest greetings

For Reservations or inquiries please contact us at:
Mr. Esmat Azmy - General Manager & Owner
Mr. Emad Azmy - Assist. General Manager & Partner 
Phone: (+202) 263 25 917 or (+202) 263 93 978 
Fax: (+202) 263 25 810     
Mobile: (+2010) 104 3006 (24 Hours)


ember of the Tourist Chamber and the Egyptian Association of Tour Operators in Egypt.
God Min | the ancient Paranoiac god of fertility
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Highly experienced staff 
Highly experienced staff
Contact able 24 Hours


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